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Lazio is a famous region of Central Italy, having hosted two of the most important historic civilities: The Romans and the fascinating Etruscans. The best expression of Roman civilization is founded in Rome, Capital of Italy, a city full of ancient buildings, monuments, museums and remains of this courageous people.

 On the contrary, treasures reminding us of the presence of the Etruscans are strewn all over the north of the region, where it's  possible to admire the masterpieces of Etruscan  art in numerous places, like as Tarquinia, Viterbo, Castro, Ferento,  Vulci, Bolsena, Tuscania  and many more. 

The landscape, consisting of cultivated vineyards and olive groves, slopes down softly from the hillocks, which are covered with chestnuts, oaks, beeches and hornbeams, to the  Thirrenian sea coast.

This mysterious area, to be discovered day after day, take back  the visitor back to the past, in an impressive trip between medieval fortresses,  ruins, necropolises and  Etruscan cities.


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Lake Bolsena holiday apartments

Lake Bolsena apartments, 2 pools, air conditioning, panoramic location, private parking, sleeps 56 -  restored in the year 2009. more about these apartments in a country villa...»» Bargain


























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Italy » Lazio vacation rentals