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The city of Vulci lies on the border between Lazio and Tuscany. It was famous in the ancient world for trade, handicrafts and agriculture. On the site of the ancient city it's possible to admire the remains of a villa dating from 1st Century bc., a long stretch Roman road and the remains of two doors in the city walls.

 Four necropolis have been discovered near the city of Vulci. Immensely rich burial treasures have been found in these tombs. Of note is the "Francois tomb", composed by seven funerary rooms and  rich of paintings.

The Archeological Museum of Vulci is hosted in the charming "Castello della Badia". On the ground-floor are hosted the most ancient evidences founded in the large neighbouring necropolis: vases, urns, cinerary urns, personal ornaments and bronze utensils. The four rooms of the first floor preserve many votive finds.

Numerous ceramics bear witness to the commercial trades of ancient Vulci, one of the most important Etrurian metropolis.


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