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Guided speleologic excursion

An alternative route in the Monticiano area can be the visit to "Buca Dei Falchi" ( Falcon's Cave).

From the village of "Iesa" leads a path practicable both on foot and by bike, inside the naturalistic territory between the rivers Farma and Merse, crossing the most fascinating parts where it is not unusual to observe birds of prey or other wild animals.

The Falcon's Cave is a big cavern, one of the most spectacular in Siena's Province. It offers a difference in level of 20 metres and an overall growth that stretches for 150 metres.

The cave develops over 4 rooms where the magnificent state of conservation lets one observe the different stages of the life of a cavern. The silence in the cavern is broken only by the rhythm of the water drops falling from above, indicating that the cave is still active.

The spectacle and the colours of the stalactites and stalagmites are fantastic. Access with a guide allows the visit.

The Pro-loco Monticiano association organizes guided excursions with expert speleologists and provides all the necessary equipment.