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 Norcia (604 mt  above sea level, about 5,000 people)

Norcia emerges unexpectedly over a tableland at 600 mt above sea level, surrounded by an amphitheatre of high mountains. Norcia lies in a fertile landscape and produces a rich and excellent harvest. (Of note are the famous lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia). Local people breed pigs which are famous  for the production of superior quality Italian salami). Norcia is the native town of St. Benedetto and hosts an important patrimony of works of art and historical objects

Sights to see:

  • Piazza San. Benedetto : Right in the historic center, it hosts the most important buildings; the church of St. Benedetto, the Cathedral and the Palazzo Communal ( Town hall) .

  • The church of San. Benedetto : Gothic style building,  it has a nice portal overlapped by a rose window. On the right side 15th century portico. Latin cross interiors with single nave. In the crypt it preserves some remains of an ancient Roman house and many important works of art.

  • Palazzo Comunale : Imposing building with an elegant fašade with portico. Several works of art in the interior.

  • The Cathedral: restored in the 18th century it has a Gothic portal and well-built bell tower. It hosts valuable  works of art.

  • Castellina : Stately fortress built by Vignola in 1563 by order of Giulio III. It hosts the Civic Diocesan Museum.

  • Civic Diocesan Museum : It preserves several works of art. Notable are two big paintings of the 16th century by Antonio da Faenza ( Madonna and Saints ).

  • San Francesco: 15th century church with a very nice rose window and rich portals on the sides. Frescoes in the interior.

  • Sant Agostino : Gothic church characterised by the nice lancet portal. Rich interior with frescoes.

For nature lovers and walkers, the plain of Castelluccio di Norcia  offers a truly unique spectacle, in particular during Spring-time when the meadows, because of the flowers in bloom, assume a thousand different tonalities mixed together in a multitude of colours.

Norcia events and festivals:

Last weekend in February : National truffle exhibition
March : Benedictine celebrations - historic parade.
Easter time : Good Friday evocative procession with life scenes of Passion.
Dec 9 : Feast of Faoni, lighting of big fires in the farmyards.

Typical products: Salami, truffles, cheese, lentils, hand-embroidered textiles, copper handicrafts, antiques.

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