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Montefalco -
473 meters above sea level, 5,600 pop.

Agricultural and commercial town in Umbria dominating the valley between Spoleto and Perugia. Thanks to its splendid panoramic position it is known as Umbria's balcony.

Montefalco has a particular urban structure characterized by the most important streets converging into the big circular Piazza on which stands the "Palazzo Comunale" (1270), the Theater and the most imposing 5th century buildings of Montefalco.

The town of Montefalco hosts several churches, of great value, rich in frescoes from the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries such as:

- San Bartolomeo (10th c.)
- San Lorenzo (11th c.)
- Santa Lucia (12th c.)
- Sant'Agostino (14th c.) with a splendid Gothic facade and frescoes by Ambrogio Lorenzetti.

- St. Francesco (14th c.) transformed in Pinacoteca (Picture gallery), with a large collection of paintings of Umbrian school. (Beautiful fresco cycle of "Scenes from the life of St. Francis" by Benozzo Gozzoli (1452). It also hosts works of art by Perugino from which the original representation of "Padre Eterno".

- Another beautiful sight is the "Palazzo del Comune" (Town Hall) built in 1270, with a high tower from which visitors can enjoy an incomparable view of the whole valley.

- In the nearby surroundings: the Church of San Fortunato, the Turrited church and the Sanctuary of Madonna della Stella.

Montefalco is best known throughout the world for its wine Sagrantino, excellent nectar, a wine with a harmonic and dry taste, perfect for accompanying roasts and cakes.


  • Easter Time, Resurrection of Christ, a re-enacting with fire and song.
    It takes place in the Church of San Bartolomeo. At 11:00 pm.
    This is a celebration of an ancient religious and popular custom. On the night before Easter Sunday, when the Gloria is sung at the Holy Mass of the Easter vigil, the wonderful 18th century wooden statue of Christ Resurrected suddenly erupts into the church amid fire-crackers and bearing trumpets. As if by magic, the church is illuminated and the bells of all the city bell-towers begin to chime. The statue of Christ is carried shoulder high and run up to the altar by men wearing the shirts and capes of the Confraternities. The porters fling open the large doors of the church entrance with one blow, and the joyous sound of the organ unites with the band and the voices of the choir.

  • May: "Cantine Aperte" (wine cellars open to the public); wine tasting tour and feast.

  • In August, feast of Santa Chiara. Several spectacles of music, culture and ancient tournaments with flag-wavers and a bull race.

  • September: Wine week and feast of vintage with carts parade.

  • December: "Frantoi Aperti" (oil mills open to the public); olive oil tasting festival.

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By Train : The closest railway stations are Perugia and Foligno : Train schedules

By air  : International flights to Rome or Florence - Domestic flights to Perugia.






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