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Gubbio,  522 mt above sea level 32.000 people

Gubbio is a medieval town if Umbria situated in a panoramic position and in a beautiful landscape on the slopes of mount Ingino. Notable for its beauty, Gubbio is the most classic village of Umbria characterized by narrow streets, bridges, small piazzas and medieval quarters.


  • San Francesco : The church has a plain fašade embellished by a Romanesque portal and nice rose window. On the left side is the 5th Century polygonal bell-tower. Interiors with scenes from the life of Our Lady and several 3rd Century fresco cycles. Inside the convent visitors can admire a large art collection with jewellery, sacred vestments, paintings and archeologic finds.

  • Roman Theatre : It is one of the biggest Roman theatres and it bears witness to the importance of Gubbio during the Roman age . Not far from there is the "Mausoleo", the remains  of a  Roman tomb.

  • San Giovanni Battista: 14th Century building with wide Gothic portal and bell-tower with ogive windows. Church aisles characterised by ogive arches. Inside, it preserves nice paintings of Perugino's school and a Renaissance baptismal font.

  • Piazza Grande : Wide open place offering beautiful panoramic views.

  • Palazzo dei Consoli: It is one of the most beautiful Town halls of Italy. It is a very important example of medieval architecture. Built between 1332 and 1349 it is a very elegant building characterised by squared stone blocks, tower and merlons. Seat of Civic Museum and local picture gallery, it preserves many archeologic finds, from which are of note the famous "Tavole Eugubine" ; seven bronze plates with Etruscan and Latin incriptions. On the upper floor the "Pinacoteca" houses several works of art, mostly of local painters.

  • Duomo: Imposing Gothic building. It lies at the top of the town. Church aisles with big ogive arches. Many works of art of the Sixteenth century.

  • Palazzo Ducale: In front of the Duomo emerges this renaissance building . It hosts the Museum of Palazzo Ducale with several paintings, frescoes and ligneous works of art.

  • Sant' Agostino : 13th Century church, lying outside the city walls, close to "Porta Romana". It hosts the "Museo della Ceramica" ( Ceramics museum)

  • To complete your trip to Gubbio  do not miss visiting  the Basilica of  Sant' Ubaldo, on the slopes of Mount Ingino.

    The best way  to reach the Basilica of Sant' Ubaldo is  by a cableway starting from "Porta Romana". It surmounts a drop of 360 mt within 6 minutes and during the ascent visitors can enjoy the landscape. The Basilica has medieval origins, a magnificent sixteenth Century portal and an elegant Franciscan cloister. The Church has a nave and double aisles. On the high altar is the richly decorated renaissance urn, preserving the body of Sant' Ingino, Gubbio's patron saint ( 1194)

    On the right aisle, are The "Ceri", 5 big wooden platforms, leading actors of the " Corsa dei Ceri" historic competition.

    It takes place on the eve of St. Ubaldo's death, last Sunday of May and it has secular traditions. The "Ceri" are 3 gigantic wood platforms, surmounted by the statues of the saints Ubaldo, Giorgio and Antonio which are carried on one's back from the old town center to the top of Mount Ingino, where the basilica of the Patron Saint stands. On the way the "Ceraioli" are  engaged in a wild race through the city's streets, and in the difficult,  hard climb up the mountain, are followed by the excited and cheering crowd. The feast which takes place during the day, is one of the most singular popular religious events of Italy. It is imbued by a great mystical emotionality, which fascinates the public.

    During Christmas time Mount Ingino hosts the tallest Christmas tree from all over the world.

  • Palio della Balestra: Exciting competition of capable bowmen in period costumes. The "Conestable", the Autorities and the Consul watch the competition. The Contest is enriched by a flag-wavers spectacle and by a rich historic parade.

    Typical products : Agricultural products, ceramics, wrought iron works, other local handicrafts.

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