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Foligno coat of arms

Foligno is a town lying on the Umbrian plain, on the left bank of the river Topino. Thanks to its position, it became the most important industrial and commercial center in Umbria. It is a modern town, but preserves nice renaissance buildings and many works of art in its center.

Sights to see:

  • Piazza della Repubblica: Just in the historic center and with the nearby Piazza del Duomo, it hosts Palazzo Trinci ( 1407) and Palazzo delle Canoniche dating back to the 11th century that houses the "Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra" . On the other side is the Town Hall ( 13th Century) with its neo-classic faēade and embattled tower. On the right side stands "Palazzo Orfini", a very elegant building.

  • Duomo: Built in the 13th century, it has a nice front with small loggia and nice widows. The interiors are in neo-classic style, with several works of art.

  • Palazzo Trinci: Built in 1407, it  is the seat of the " Museo della Cittą" (  town museum ). Paintings, frescoes, Roman finds, cinerary urns, sarcophagus and epigraphs are on display.

  • San Nicolo' : Gothic church with its the elegant 17th century portal. Inside many works of art: "Nativity", "Resurrection and Saints, "Madonna and Saints", etc. In the sacristy nice fresco of Crucifixion by Bartolomeo di Tommaso.

  • Santa Maria Infraportas:  18th century church with well-built Romanesque bell- tower. Three nave interior with several votive frescoes and fresco cycle from the Byzantine school.

  • Nunziatella: Small renaissance oratory. It preserves the " Battesimo di Gesu" and "Padre Eterno" , nice frescoes by Perugino.

  • SS. Salvatore: Ancient Benedictine abbey with elegant rose -window and bell-tower. It preserves several frescoes and interesting works of art.

  • Abbazia di Sassovivo : It lies at 520 mt above sea level in a beautiful and suggestive position. The abbey was founded by the Benedictine monks in the 11th century.

    Events and festivals:

    24 January: Feast of the Madonna del Pianto, patron saint
    February: Carnival of Sant'Eraclio
    June : Quintana tournament
    August: Baiocco d'oro and Feast of the Mountain - Annifo
    September: Segni Barocchi festival and Quintana tournament
    September/October: Feast of Patata Rossa ( red potatoes) at Colfiorito

    Local products: Olive oil, cheese, lentils, red potatoes, salami.
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    Driving directions : How to get there:

    By car - Autostrada A1 Florence-Rome: from north, Valdichiana exit; from
    south Orte exit.Autostrada A14, Civitanova Marche exit.

    By train - Ancona-Foligno line  or Rome-Florence line to Terontola Train schedules

    By air -  International flights to Rome or  Pisa.  Domestic flights to Perugia.


Foligno, Umbria, Italy




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