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Chianti ? What is Chianti ? People sometime don't know where is Chianti and its features. Maybe expect to find a town, but Chianti is not atown, is a patchwork of Tuscan countryside, made by rolling hills with vineyards and olive groves, flower fields, country lanes lined by cypress trees, woods, farmhouses, castles, villas, hamlets scattered everywhere.

Chianti can be compared to a unique vineyard. Hundred of rows represent the most characteristic feature of Chianti, the land where excellent wines are produced. Chianti is much more than a wine, Chianti is ancient peasant culture, is the balance of a landscape with nature, is a blend of art, history and traditions, a land where the time stands still, a place where time is marked by sun and by seasons, where shopping is not only to fill the trolley and pay, but is to meet people, to exchange a few words and information, to have a direct relationship and at last drink together a good glass of wine enjoying the scenery.

Chianti also has a perfect location between the two most renowned tourist cities of Tuscany, Siena and Florence. From Chianti the most important towns such as Lucca, Arezzo, Cortona, San Gimignano, Volterra, Monteriggioni are easy to reach.

About the wine:

Chianti wine's quality is the result of millenary knowledge and   great tradition for wine-making.  Chianti wine had a great importance since Etruscan times.

Chianti wine  is mostly produced  utilising grapes of Sangiovese 75%, Canaiolo 10%, Trebbiano and Malvasia, as well as Cabernet and Merlot. The feature peculiar to a Chianti wine is a very small yield per plant and 12 degrees minimum alcoholic strength. To ensure the best quality of Chianti wine producers, cannnot sell the wine until 1 year after the harvest. Wine-making , preservation, aging and bottling have to take place inside the production zone. A "Gallo Nero" (black cock) is the trademark which guarantees a bottle of real Chianti wine. To have the "Gallo Nero" label, producers have to put the wine through a rigorous taste- text.

Two kinds of wine are available on the market : "Normal" and "Reserve".

"Normal" is Chianti Classico labelled with a "Gallo Nero" surrounded by the red border.

"Reserve" is labelled with the ancient trademark surrounded by the golden border, and it is produced with the best grapes which, after a minimum of 27 months  aging, give  the wine a  special full bodied  flavour.

The color of Chianti is ruby red, tending towards pomegranate red when aged. The flavour is harmonic, dry, sapid, slightly tannic, with an intensely vinous aroma and occasionally a violet scent. The wine of Chianti is perfect to accompany all foods, but especially the traditional food of Tuscany,  such as game dishes, roast meats and cheese.

The name of Chianti is linked to the wine, but also Olive oil is of the highest quality. A Farmers Union guarantees its quality and establishes its characteristics. It is produced respecting ancient tradition and conserved in terracotta pots. Observing these rules the best olive oil ends up with a unique taste, the leading actor in Italian cooking.

There are 5 small towns in Chianti

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